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Brandon is a lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas, who has practiced both locally and nationally in numerous jurisdictions outside of Arkansas for the more than 20 years that he has been in practice, often consulting and working with attorneys in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado and other places. Mr. Clark’s practice focuses on major personal injury and wrongful death situations in the context of medical negligence / nursing home negligence (and abuse), motor vehicle / tractor-trailer collisions, defective firearms and products liability in general. He has, to his credit, recovered many millions in litigation — but the important point is not the final dollar figure in tabulating total recoveries, which is merely a measure of performance. The true significance of substantial monetary recoveries over the last decade and a half lies in the reality of achieving just compensation for every client based on the particular facts of each case — making a real difference in real lives. Mr. Clark regards his work as a lawyer as a privilege, an opportunity to apply his skill and industry on behalf of others who need someone to champion their cause, to speak for them when otherwise they might simply be victims without any legitimate chance to obtain compensation. On occasion it seems that lawyers will consider themselves to be too busy and too important for those who are the very reason for their existence — their clients. Brandon, however, strives to ensure that he is always accessible and responsive to those who place their trust in him. He fights his battles from the ground floor of everyday life.

Brandon grew up in a military family in which he was the proverbial “Air Force brat” traveling with his family from one state to another as his father, Chief Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force, was sent from one base to another. He lived in Colorado, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, and a few more exotic locations overseas like Turkey. Ultimately, he settled in Arkansas as a college student. He attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock beginning in late 1979, starting out with a few evening classes as he worked full-time loading trucks and working in a nursing home on the graveyard shift as an orderly. The memory of his work with the elderly residents of the home never left him nor did he forget the sore muscles and aching back that so often goes with earning a living. In college, Brandon majored in Criminal Justice, receiving faculty recognition as Outstanding Criminal Justice Senior in 1984. His enthusiasm for other cultures led him to minor in German and he earned recognition for basic fluency in the language by taking a day-long examination administered by the Goethe Institut in Houston, Texas, and acquiring a “Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache” or certificate in German as a foreign language. Currently, Brandon maintains ties to many friends in Berlin, Marburg and Munich, Germany as he engages in international business transactions.

Graduating in 1984 with a BA cum laude (with honors), he entered law school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. There, he served on the UALR Law Journal for a year, and distinguished himself by earning awards for attaining the highest marks in numerous subjects, including Trial Advocacy, Torts, Constitutional Law, Corporations and Juvenile Law. In 1988, Mr. Clark received his Juris Doctorate (JD) degree with honors. He was soon admitted to practice as an attorney on the recommendation of an outstanding law school professor as well as a Federal Magistrate, and was promptly recruited by a law firm in Southwest Arkansas. In the small town of Magnolia, Arkansas, Brandon handled personal injury cases while serving at the same time as Assistant City Attorney, where he was the legal advisor to all the boards and committees of a city government. Part of his duties included the prosecution of criminal offenses occurring within the city limits. Typically on Tuesday mornings, Brandon would enter the courtroom to face a half-dozen different lawyers who were defending their clients on the criminal charges he was prosecuting.

Following his tour of duty in Southwest Arkansas, Brandon relocated to Little Rock where he worked for a year as a Law Clerk to a Judge who had served fifty years as a member of the Bar. He was able, from that position, to see the inside of the system of justice, talking regularly with the Judge in chambers about life and the law, advising the Court on numerous cases to assist the Judge in making his decisions. He also worked for two years with the State of Arkansas as an Attorney Specialist in the State Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), which is responsible for all state taxation of individuals and businesses. Mr. Clark handled litigation against corporate taxpayers who had failed or refused to properly pay taxes, and presented tax cases to DFA administrative judges as well as in the regular courts of the State.

Brandon L. Clark's speech for AANHRPrimarily, however, Brandon worked in private litigation for people who had been injured or killed due to the carelessness, and sometimes intentional wrongdoing, of others, handling a diverse caseload with a law firm for twelve years. In 2005, after seven years as a partner in a law firm, Mr. Clark stepped out on his own to start his current private and independent office in order to better serve his clients in an environment that he can tailor to meet the needs of the people he represents. Brandon is a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association (SATLA), the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association (ARKTLA) and Arkansas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents (AANHR). Read a speech given by Mr. Clark to AANHR.

Brandon, always living by the saying that “every day is an education”, recently completed his attendance at a program that has been in operation for almost 30 years at the St. Louis University School of Medicine. The course is known as the “Death Investigation Training Seminar” and since so many of Brandon’s cases involve complex issues of death or serious physical trauma, he has pursued this exceptional opportunity to learn more intimately about the process of death and the forms and evidence of physical harm that humans can suffer by learning from skilled pathologists, toxicologists, homicide detectives, abuse investigators and other experts. Over 100 individuals from as far as Australia attended, including doctors, medical examiners and police officers, at the 2007 program, and the attendees followed a rigorous daily instruction schedule, generally with photographic accompaniment of the deaths under investigation to demonstrate wound patterns and placement, medication overdoses, lacerations versus sharp trauma, derangement of the human body due to explosives, dicing abrasions in motor vehicle deaths, rate of decomposition and physical findings on postmortem examination. He completed this program in April of 2007 (it is conducted three times a year by the Medical School). The subjects included:

  • Are you SURE it is a Natural Death?–Mary Fran Ernst
  • Asphyxial Deaths–Dr. Mike Graham
  • Blood Spatter Interpretation–Mary Fran Ernst
  • Blunt Trauma Fatalities–Dr. Mary Case
  • Capability of a Crime Laboratory–Harold Messler
  • Child Death Investigation–Kathleen Diebold
  • Child Maltreatment–Dr. Mary Case
  • Courtroom Techniques –Judge Pat Clifford
  • Cutting & Stabbing Fatalities–Dr. Phil Burch
  • Death Investigation Laws–Dr. Jane Turner
  • Death Scene Investigation–Mary Fran Ernst
  • Deaths in Police Custody–Dr. Mike Graham
  • Estimation of Time of Death–Dr. Phil Burch
  • Explosion-related Deaths–Dr. Mike Graham
  • Fatal Head Trauma–Dr. Mary Case
  • Fire and Electrocution Deaths –Dr. Jane Turner
  • Forensic Anthropology–Mark Johnsey
  • Forensic Entomology –Julie Howe
  • Forensic Odontology–Dr. Jim McGivney
  • Forensic Toxicology–Dr. Chris Long
  • Gunshot Wound Fatalities–Dr. Mike Graham
  • Identification Techniques–Mary Fran Ernst
  • It’s YOUR Investigation & It’s YOUR Report!–Terrance Ledbetter
  • Mass Casualty Incidents–Terrance Ledbetter
  • Motor Vehicle Fatalities–Dr. Jane Turner
  • Notification of Next of Kin–Fr. Tim Toohey
  • Organ/Tissue Procurement–Dr. Jane Turner
  • Role of the Crime Scene Investigator–Lt. Kevin Lawson
  • Role of the Homicide Detective–Detective Gary Fourtney
  • Role of the Investigator–Mary Fran Ernst
  • Role of the Medical Examiner/Coroner–Dr. Mike Graham
  • Serial Murder Investigation–Special Agent Brian Ritter
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome–Dr. Phil Burch
  • Sudden, Unexpected Deaths –Dr. Ron Turgeon
  • Why, Suicide?–Dr. Dick Wetzel

To learn more about Brandon’s course of study please visit Every claim of personal injury or death will implicate issues that have been within Mr. Clark’s course of study and his over two decades of experience in handling medicolegal issues as an attorney working with cardiologists, neurosurgeons, police officers, social workers, nurses, psychologists and the court system in general. Brandon knows and appreciates that his most important client is always you.

We have been represented by Mr. Clark for over a year. He has worked very hard for us, and also is very professional in everything he does. He’s not like an attorney but more like a friend, and we would recommend him to anyone as a great attorney.
Jim and Georgia Stone, August 2007

Mr. Clark is caring, compassionate, and by far the hardest working man I’ve ever seen. We appreciate all he has done for our family in helping us bring closure to a tragic event.
Stormy & Darrell Chambers

If you are looking for an attorney who is conscientious, considerate, and very knowledgeable I strongly suggest you contact Brandon L. Clark, Attorney at Law. I have used Brandon during the past year because of a very personal and delicate situation as well as what could have been financially devastating for me. Because of his expertise, advice and spontaneous acts, I have been able to dissolve the problem, the worry, stress and anxiety that I had. I owe him much more than gratitude.
Royston Morris, August 2009

Having spent thirty years in Law Enforcement, I have [also] dealt with attorneys for around 30 years. I was amazed at [Mr. Clark’s] knowledge of the law and background insight in the type of case that [he] worked on our behalf. I could certainly recommend [Mr. Clark] without reservations.
Jim King

I consider myself to be a very lucky person to have found [Mr. Clark] to represent me during my ordeal. I am thoroughly convinced that it was only because of [his] tenacity and attention to detail that my case came to a satisfactory conclusion.
Pam Roberts

I can never tell you enough how I have appreciated not only how hard you have worked for me, but also how you have been a friend to me. Sometimes I just went on and on to you out of depression with my situation. You always listened and offered encouragement.
Kimberly Stricklin, September 2007

It is important that you know that I know there’s no real monetary amount that can cover your efforts in this case. The fact that you were willing to take up the cause, defending the worth and dignity of a human being — my husband — when no one else ever has is priceless to me. Never forget that, please.
Mrs. Janice Jobes, 12/05

From the outset, [Mr. Clark] established a trusting and caring atmosphere that assured us that [he] truly had our best interests at heart. [Mr. Clark’s] morals, scruples and principles were never compromised.
Col. & Mrs. Leon McGoogan, USAF (Ret.)

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